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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Gliding into Spring

Le corbeau ne vole que le jour
Le hibou ne vole que la nuit
Le cygne vole la nuit et le jour
(Extract from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' by Vicor Hugo - 1802-1885) 

Welcome to my garden 

First up the blooms ....

next up a few regular visitors ....  

although the lesser redpoll and the brambling will be off any day now

Blackbird guarding his nesting spot

Blackbirds just love fruit!

Lesser redpoll feeding on niger seed

Yes, the bullfinch is high in the pecking order!

Nuthatch - a woodland bird that can walk down a tree

Greenfinch - male with bright plumage

Siskin (m) perched on a branch

Long-tailed tit with a tail bigger than its body

Brambling - only appeared in my garden this year in March 
Better late than never!
Dunnock showing its blue-grey head and breast

followed by a visit to the greenhouse ....
apricot blossom

peach blossom

lone olive

just one olive but..... five lemons!

and finally to see who is nesting in the orchard....

Red-legged partridges snoozing in the sunshine

Wood pigeon - photo taken 12/03/17
Now this youngster must surely be one of the earliest in the north this year! It can fly quite well so was probably born back end of January. This bird is amazingly tame considering it was our first encounter - clearly doesn't know of the local cats' hunting abilities and the many threats posed to birds from humans. Hopefully the orchard will become a safe haven.

'Now who's that over there?'

'Oh, is it Mum or maybe Dad?'

'Time for a top up feed!'

As Oliver Twist said '... I want some more'

'No second helpings for me!'

Good night and sweet dreams!


  1. Super photos of the flowers and birds in your garden and greenhouse. You have a wonderful variety of birds visit they must be such a delight to see. The young pigeon is very early isn't it?:)

  2. Thanks :) Woodpigeons usually breed very late in my garden so I'm not sure if this a very early one or extremely late!

  3. You are lucky to have nature right there on your doorstep. What an amazing enchanting garden!